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We prefer & encourage long-term partnerships rather than one-shots.

To optimize the presentation of your content is good. But we’d like to start from the beginning :

  • to advise on your communication strategy and precisely define the contents,
  • to suggest specific contents written for the web, optimized for SEO,
  • to accompany you in the realization of images (photos research or retouching)
  • to guide you on the ergonomic level for an optimal navigation of your website,
  • to offer a complete follow-up once the website is online (statistics analysis, SEO ...)
  • to propose updates or upgrades without waiting a request from you.
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Our Services > 1/7


Before making your website, we see with you what are your expectations for your your business. We define together what are the goals of your future website. What is your target audience, defyning and setting your keywords, what are the practical specifications (such as languages) and the technical issues are discussed (responsive or adapted). We also elaborate the budgetary implications of those decisions.

Finally establish a clear and precise sitemap. This document will resume each menu and its contents, the actions and functions of each page. This is to optimize the usability of your website, i.e. to make it more accessible, the most logical and make it easy for visitors to search information.

  • Market positioning
  • Technical solutions
  • Structure of contents

Our Services > 2/7


This is the tip of the iceberg. You will not have twice the opportunity to give a good first impression to your prospects. Your image will go through your website to many. Beyond defining the general graphic design, style, colors, fonts, this is about having a global vision of your brand or company sent to the outside.

Your advantage is that we have, in the past, first imagined and directed visuals for major brands (photography and image editing) but also created brand images (logos, slogans, advertisements, brochures, etc.) for our customers. Browse our portfolio.

  • Creative design
  • Visual identity
  • Art DIrection
  • Global vision

Our Services > 3/7


The relevance of the links in the results Sponsored by Google - after a search - is closely linked to good optimization practices writing the pages of your site to promote their SEO.

It is mandatory that your content is written according to the rules. In order to do this we work with collaborators-writers whose specialty is to insert each set of desired keywords in each specific page of the site. Each content of every page is figured according to its listing requirements.

Well thought out and writing of the contents of your website thus is a dual advantage for the online visibility of your business.

  • Identifying keywords
  • Content writing
  • SEO

Our Services > 4/7


It concerns both those who are planning to start a new online business as well as those who wish to position their current business on the web.

We develop the tools allowing you to create catalogs of your products or services, online payment systems, the calculation of prices of transport, billing management, etc

We also advise on the strategic plan: Is the positioning desirable for you to adopt? But also financially: How to ensure the profitability of your project? Finally tactically: How to attract customers, seduce, convince to order, serve and retain?

  • Catalog Products
  • Online payments
  • Transport follow-up

Our Services > 5/7


Our CMS (Content Management System) is created to measure for each of our customer. The strength of our system is to display only the menus and options you need to use. And these will evolve gradually as your needs may expand. All demands will be considered ...

We are craftsmen's strore of the web where as a open-source cms match retail. What we propose is neither better nor worse, we are targeting a different clientele. Those more attentive to the quality and security that we offer.

  • Ease of usability
  • Data security
  • Flexibility according to your requests
  • Optimization and display speed

Our Services > 6/7


Your site may only be a showcase of your business but it can be also closely linked to your work. Our mailing system allows you, in complete autonomy, to create content (your logo, text, photos, video links) and publish it as a html page. You can send these emails to your subscriber's lists (customers, prospects, suppliers, friends) and offer them to click on a particular link.

You have access - in real time - to accurate statistics about your mailings. How many emails have been received, how many have been rejected (and why) who has opened or read your email, who clicked on which link in this mailing, who unsubscribes from your list, who will review your email regularly, etc. And this, day after day, for weeks after the date of your initial e-mailing ...

  • Contents creation
  • mass mailings
  • Statistics and reports

Our Services > 7/7


The offer is so open that it is often very difficult to make an smart choice on the matter. In this area as in others, one often get your money's worth.

At Hypnotized, your website will be installed on a fast and stable dedicated server. For we offer these accommodations only for the websites that we have developed ourselves.

Hosting on our servers guarantee a continuity of service. Our monthly rates include technical support by email and by phone.

  • 24/7 Service
  • inclusive updates
  • Speed - Reliability - Security
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